Visitor on the porch

Learning to comp in nuke.

32 Bit Discovery


Retro Liquid thingy

Something quick for motionworks’s experiment project… Wish I’d found this sooner.

Socky Cabbage

Expensive pudding

Words : price, pudding

Scaly Dave Grohl

Scary Bio guy is scary


Messing around with pyrocluster

Grid expression

  A couple of weeks back, I wrote an expression to make grid in After Effects with the help of my developer friend. It works really well, but I haven’t been playing around… Continue reading

Failed showreel intro

Failed showreel intro from Deo Mareza on Vimeo. Crap.. The past couple of weeks, I should be concentrating on my showreel to apply to buck.. After it’s sort of done, I realized that… Continue reading

Project 365 Day 61

WIP.. Surprisingly, putting the feather took the longest time..

Project 365 Day 60

Tomahawk WIP

Project 365 Day 59

I have been away for sometime because of work.. Hence,  there’s a few holes in this.

Project 365 Day 58

Project 365 Day 57

Project 365 Day 56


Project 365 Day 55


Project 365 Day 54


Project 365 Day 53

Halloween comes early..

Project 365 Day 52


Project 365 Day 51

grain… grain… GRAIN!!! Saving this for ranting space..

Project 365 Day 50

50!!! Some artsy fartsy nonsense.

Project 365 Day 49

4 Leaf Clover

Project 365 Day 48


Project 365 Day 47 [motion]

It’s doneeee!!! This video is a submission video for a competition held by a facebook group, After Effects Malaysia. I took the music from one of Cubesato’s work in collaboration with Michael Lam,… Continue reading

Project 365 Day 46

Taking this long to make 5 seconds of animation… I sure have a looong way to go…

Project 365 Day 45

Progress has been super slow.. Tomorrow, I’ll sprint it to finish.

Project 365 Day 44

The forgotten post..

Project 365 Day 43


Project 365 Day 41


Project 365 Day 41

Lazy Sunday.. sigh..

Project 365 Day 40


Project 365 Day 39

Start of a series

Project 365 Day 38 [motion]

Project 365 Day 37 from Deo Mareza on Vimeo.

Project 365 Day 37

Tomorrow is animation time!

Project 365 Day 36

I’m going to composite this one tomorrow….  

Project 365 Day 35

A facebook event picture for an upcoming motion graphic meetup event.

Project 365 Day 33 [motion]

NO!!! I forgot to upload this yesterday…

Project 365 Day 34

Always wanted to try psychadelic stuff… Origami

Project 365 Day 32 [motion]

Project 365 Day 31 [motion]

As the day reaches its end, I’m running out of time to finish today’s piece.. So, it’s just going to be a preview while I let it render overnight.. *update : for some… Continue reading

Project 365 Day 30


Project 365 day 29

Trying out something I saw a few weeks back.. RIP Andy whitfield

Project 365 Day 28 [motion]

continuation from yesterday’s daily project Project 365 Day 28 from Deo Mareza on Vimeo.

Project 365 Day 27

Trying paper flip animation 

Project 365 Day 26

Mushroom Kingdom Come

Project 365 Day 25

The motion version is deemed it too small to be a valid video. Hence…

Project 365 Day 24


Project 365 Day 23


Project 365 Day 22

For now, earth… Soon… soon…